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Portable extraction system with "H"-filter Portable extraction system with "H"-filter
Explosion-protected portable vacuum cleaner with spark catch system and filter class “H” designed for a safe handling of all dusts coming from lightweight materials inside of modern body structures. Prepared to attach the telescopic arm. A future-proof solution for every body shop.
Portable extraction system Portable extraction system
Explosion-protected portable vacuum cleaner for a safe handling of steel dust inside an aluminum or hybrid structure workstation. Prepared to attach the telescopic arm.
Telescopic arm Telescopic arm
Telescopic arm made from stainless steel to catch flying sparks f.e. produced during cutting processes with an angle grinder. Pneumatic damper for an optimized positioning during all repair processes. Fits to all our vacuum cleaners for dust.

The safety concept of the explosion protected vacuum cleaners

There are different options to avoid the risk of a dust explosion. The vacuum cleaner VAS 6572/2 works with the principle to cool the glowing particles below ignition temperature of the aluminum dust. The system works with a spark catch system and a calming section of 5 m behind it. The spark catch system produces a high difference of speed between the airflow and the flow of particles for a maximum cooling effect. In addition, bigger particles are broken into pieces inside of the spark catch.

The safety concept and the function of the safety concept was tested and certified by the TÜV Sachsen-Anhalt e.v.. The testing certification comes with each set. Additional safety instructions, for example the cleaning of the dust bin and filter, are described inside the operator’s manual. The workshop staff will receive a complete safety instruction by us or our certified dealers for a safe handling and operation during aluminum repair processing.