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ProWoTech GmbH

Abelstr. 1

46483 Wesel



ProWoTech offers a wide range of turnkey solutions of body repair bays. Every bay is designed to fulfil the requirements of each job with a maximum efficiency and a maximum saving of time. In general we separate between bay solutions and line solutions.

With the bay program the following work bays are available as a standard:

- Body repair workbay steel CLM VAS 6571

- Body repair workbay multi material CLM VAS 6673

- Body repair workbay steel CLE VAS 6777

- Body repair workbay multi material CLE VAS 892007

The standard dimension of the ProWoTech bays is 6 x 8 meters, the standard height is 3.50 metres. Special dimensions, f.e. for vans, are available. For a smooth and simple engineering, communication and installation there is a FAQ file available.

Our workbays are modular systems consisting of basic components and components specific of material.

Basic components are:

- the lightweight aluminium truss system

- the energy supply

- the light system

- the curtain system

- the container for removed parts  

Components specific of material are:

- the portable extraction system for steel dust VAS 6571/1

- the portable extraction system for aluminium and plastic dusts VAS 6572/2

All these bay solutions are available as line solutions as well. This can be necessary if there are several workplaces in a row.